Mauritius : The Real Safe Haven of Africa

There’s never been a better time to invest in Mauritius.On this island in the Indian Ocean, the profits of "extraterritorial" companies are taxed only 3 to 15%. An optimal tax system that appeals many companies around the world.

Since the diversification of activities in Mauritius, the government has put in place several offers to target retirees and foreign investors in particular.

The goal ? Increase the number of visitors to the beautiful island and thus allow further development of the local economy.

The perfect destination for investors

Indeed, the formula seems to work. Almost one in four investors in the world chooses Mauritius. One of the most glaring reasons is the taxation applied.

Having recently developed its various activities, there is still room for dozens, if not hundreds of investors in Mauritius. Whether in the field of cinema or theater, real estate, construction, crypto-currencies, travel... all sectors of activity are currently in full expansion and therefore the competition is still in full swing.

Growing sectors for investment are those of the JetSet. You can easily acquire AND register your own company, your private yacht, your private airjet in Mauritius, with a minimum tax. Moreover, you can even invest in real-estate or construct your own up-to-date secure and ecological properties with the various options proposed by Global Reality Ltd, based in Mauritius.

And now, with the PDS, the built properties have to meet defined ecological standards. Therefore theses properties are state-of-the-art, modern and ecological villas and apartments. This is what Global Reality is doing : strong materials, ecological, secure, cutting-edge technologies, bio-energies, atmospheric water generators... Your property will be the state-of-art The creation of the PDS (Property Development Scheme) in Mauritius has eased the acquisition of real estate. PDS properties no longer have any acreage restrictions and the minimum investment is £ 132, 300. For a purchase of less than $350’000, the buyer can obtain a certificate of temporary residence (up to 6 months). Beyond $350’000, the owner of the property is eligible for a permanent Mauritian residence permit, valid throughout the duration of the possession of the property... So many advantages you'll only find in Mauritius.

From the sugar industry to the finance business, IT and new technologies

In Mauritius, the financial adventure was preceded by that of sugar, which began in the 17th century with the introduction of Java cane by the Dutch. Upon independence in 1968, the island attempted a first (successful) diversification by launching into high-end & luxury tourism.

But unless you cover the territory of hotels, swimming pools, tennis courts and golf courses, how can you feed a population that reaches 1.3 million inhabitants in an area of ​​less than 2,000 kilometers ?

Hence the creation from 2005 of Ebene Cybercity at the gates of Port-Louis, the capital. A 64 hectare business district designed on the model of La Défense in Paris. Today it is home to more than 200 companies, including IBM, Orange, Huawei, Microsoft, HSBC, Barclays, Global Reality... Without forgetting a stock exchange for commodities (oil, gold, silver), while the subsoil of Mauritius is devoid of it.

A paradise called Ebene...

Ebene counts today a small thousand investment funds, half a thousand venture capital structures, not to mention thousands of letterbox companies and as many virtual head offices. The perfect place to open your structure.

Financial activities now represent 12% of gross domestic product, a figure comparable to that of Switzerland.

Mauritius emerges as the new hub for international capital to Africa. No exchange control, free circulation of monetary flows, no taxes on dividends, on capital gains and on wealth, no taxes on inheritance rights for direct descendants, free repatriation of profits, dividends and capital... so many advantages you won't find anywhere else.

That's without counting the sun, the beaches, the peaceful feeling you get from the minute you arrive in the Island, the stable political environment, the rich and fascinating culture, gastronomy...

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