Opening up again - Where are you up to ?

Are you more into paradise beaches or white mountains ? You'd rather sports vacation or luxury farniente ?

Global Group has the solution for you. Even during Covid-19 peak of the pandemic, Global Group Travel never stopped providing high-level and totally customized services to its demanding clientele.

Your advantage here : you don't have to break your head with Covid-19 rulings and restrictions, we do it for you, we even organize your PCR test before leaving, before coming back etc.

Choose Paradise Islands for more privacy, forget about Covid-19 and relax with a coconut cocktail on the beach - we propose special deals for the Carribean Islands, Seychelles, Maldives, Reunion Island, French Guiana, Mauritius.

You can also choose to follow the trend and ally Business and Pleasure in Dubai.

Dubai eased COVID-19 restrictions, allowing hotels in the regional tourism hub to operate at full capacity and permitting concerts and sports events where all attendees and participants have been vaccinated. The United Arab Emirates ranks highly globally for COVID-19 testing and vaccination rates.

Social distancing and compulsory face masks will continue, but Dubai has pushed to keep its economy, which relies on international trade and business, open through the pandemic after an initial lockdown. But you can also choose more nature, or visit a historical European Capital...

We simply make your dream come true.

You can book your flights by yourself here or contact us at for a tailor-made trip with you Global Travel Exclusive

Discover our Yachts, our Private Jets and our Conciergerie.

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