Stronger Together - The After Covid-19 World is waiting for us

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Without a doubt, the economic consequences and repercussions of the COVID-19 Sanitary crisis are going to be drastic, complex and difficult for many of us. But at Global Group, we always choose to see the bright sides, even in the most challenging moments.

The after-covid time will be challenging, but will also be bringing so many new and extraordinary opportunities.

What we are going to live, go through around 2023-2024 is going to look like "Les Trente Glorieuses", as the French like to call it. Thirty years of renewal, of rapid growth and exponential opportunities and chances to take. But don't get us wrong, this time is going to be much different. We will have to build everything from scratch again, not only economies, but also mentalities : build a more sustainable and ethic renewal of our economy, something that the world wars of the last century were unable to bring.

We will have to let go of the old obsolete and irrelevant patterns that we built and fed for over a century, in order to start thinking of out of the box, for a new, green, equalitarian, reliable system and economy.

Our moto is the following : unity creates strenght, we are stronger together. Be ready, the era of huge monopole corporations is over. Our concept is already effective : based on partnerships with various actors in the innovative system, we develop together various markets and sectors, with one team of experts: the Special Unit of Global Group. We believe in a world of sharing resources, and democratize and normalize some things that only a bunch of businessmen have access to nowadays. Wealth should be fairly distributed and reequilibrated in order to build a more sustainable, right, green and coherent world, respectful of people. Revolution is coming. Global Group is leading it.

Join the movement, and partner with Global Group.

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