Meet the Experts

Auriane Cogan

CEO Global Group

Mrs. Auriane Cogan is Global Group's CEO. She's leading the Group and coordinating its activities since 2018.

She graduated from the prestigious Sciences Po where she specialized in International Relations and National Homeland Security. 

Mrs. Cogan joined the French Ministry of Defense, then worked for the giant Group Total, and decided to take a switch in a her young and promising career: she joined GA Political as a strategist consultant and started working on highly complex and confidential cases.


Her skills both as a profesionnal and as a human being led her to her empowering position.

Global Group has now become her home and she's proud to lead the Group and its partners, in the structure of common shared values, ethics, business and sustainability.


Dr. Frederic Poignon

Head of Pharma Trade

Dr Frederic Poignon has over 20 years experience in the international Health sector.


After his graduation in the Louis Pasteur University of Pharmacy in Strasbourg (France), he worked for several years in different multinational pharmaceutical companies in USA and in France.

As an entrepreneur, he then developed niche business by starting selling second hand medical equipments, targeting especially Developing Countries.

That leads to provide then turnkey solutions, as an integrator for identified Health programs worldwide, for private and public operations, and reliable NGO’s.


In addition, Consulting and Covid19 are today growing activities.


Therefore he is pleased to offer his own experience in this moving international Health field, for any members, partners, and clients of the Global Group.



CEO Global Reality

Mr. Didier Lejongard has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Design and Strategic Communication.

As an entrepreneur and managing his own companies from the very start of his career, Mr. Lejongard has been able to put his range of training: Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing, Design & Communication, Design & Technology and the Fine Arts, to the services of multiple international companies in various leading fields.

Mr. Lejongard has been able to grow and position himself across the global market during his career, matching his skills to the demands and needs of his clients. 

Mr Lejongard finds today within the Global Group the professional philosophy that has always advocated in his career: Team spirit and knowledge sharing. Mr. Lejongard puts all his expertise at the service of the group, its members, partners and customers as partner of the Global Group and CEO of Global Reality.

Guillaume Schaer

CEO Global Airjet

Mr. Guillaume Schaer is an Innovation Expert and Global Travel CEO's. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, he excells in defining and implementing digital strategies, and creating a tailor-made experience for travelers all around the globe. He's guiding Global Group's clientele and partners through their Travel experience, guaranteeing an optimal trip, in all angles. 


Prior to his career in Travel & Tourism, Guillaume Schaer led the development of a company specializing in document security and data backup in French-speaking Switzerland.  He also led the Customer Support Team for GE Security on some of the largest videosurveillance systems in the world.


Mr. Schaer holds an MSc in Communication Systems from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. 


His specialties: Digital Transformation, Travel Hacking, IT development.


Etienne Lorant

Maritime and Yachting Expert

Mr. Etienne Lorant has over 15 years experience in the maritime industry, ranging from unlimited tons tankers to tug boats and yachts, from 7 to 220 meters, managing as a captain from 2 to 25 crew members.

He has extensively cruised the Eastern and Western Mediterranean as well as the Indian Ocean, Red Sea, Black Sea and Mozambique canal.


When he was still a young officer in the French army forces he was trained in diving, and helicopter rescue missions.

Mr. Lorant takes great pride in providing consulting and expertise to the Global Group.

His passion and love for travelling has provided Etienne a tremendous experience and skills to offer his clients an unforgettable voyage.

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Fabrice Arimond

Head of Smart-Constructions

Mr. Fabrice Arimond is a succesfull entrepreneur for more than 20 years. He created his first companies very young, in Mauritius and in France, in sectors he always felt passionate about, such as Car and Real Estate Industries.


Mr. Arimond is a self-made man, continuously training and capitalising on each new experience. He is a man of action and a smart strategist, he has acquired and developed solid skills over the years, particularly with his various businesses in construction and smartbuilding. His added value is with no doubt his shining personality: he shares and transmits with passion his knowledge and skills, to colleagues, partners and clients.

Sharing the same vision and values as Global Group, he naturally joined the group as Partner and Director of Smartbuilding Constructions. 



Technology Expert, AI and Data Analytics

Mr. Vikram Mishra is a proven entrepreneur with a years of track record of identifying and giving successful results to his clients. 

He is a business professional with a career of delivering complex solutions and leadership on a global basis - providing complete IT and Supply chain services to businesses

His role includes strategic planning, developing executive client relationships, driving revenue and extending the overall business model through strategic partnerships for the organization.


His knowledge of a challenging area of the globe - Asia, his idiosyncratic entreprenarial journey, his ability to work beyond his comfort zone and his capacity to think outside the box make him a partner of choice for Global Group.


He's here to add some value to the Global Group, with innovation and productivity.

Nafeesah Khodadeen Toklu

Head of Design Department at Global Reality

She is a Russian trained Architect registered with the Professional Architects Council of Mauritius since November 2009, with work exposure in Mauritius for the past 12 years.

She has compiled experiences in all aspects of the architectural field into knowledge and expertise while partnering with leaders in the architectural industry. 

Design is a dream and she considers that the client’s dream is her dream. 
Nafeesah aims to focus on creating unique designs for each of her clients while meticulously collaborating with them and understanding their needs.


Mrs. Toklu believes that one important aspect in the architectural world is material, be it old or new, how they exist and can co-exist. Sustainable and renewable design is also being explored in our projects towards the betterment of our environment while exploring the applications of emerging technologies.

She has thus concretised her partnenrship with Global Group and confidently confirm  their common philosophy and approach in terms of innovative ideas and the creation of identities.

Natacha Arimond

CEO of Global Lifestyle

Mrs Natacha Arimond joined Global Group after a long and successful career in a complex field: lifestyle.


For the past 20 years, Mrs. Arimond has been a serial-entrepreneur, leading different companies at the same time on the sector of Lifestyle. She invests a great deal of time and energy in projects and challenges that are close to her heart. She's defined by her  strength of character, a combative and positive personality and above all, her passion for human relations.


Mrs. Arimond is very attentive to the needs and requirements of her clients - and this is what guaranteed us a broad and long term success. She's a recognized and respected professional in her field and knows how to read and understand the most complex dreams of her client. As a consequence, she devotes herself to her projects and clients with strong leadership, creativity and a rare sense of understanding.


Her "French Touch" makes it easy for her to understand what Lifestyle is, and dedicate totally to her clients dreams : well-being, personal development, travel, gourmet gastronomy, refined world of luxury... But beware, she is concerned with the smallest detail, because in her eyes, the details make the perfection and the perfection is not a detail.