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Since the beginning of the sanitary emergency a year ago, Global Group has faced the unprecedented challenge of responding to this crisis, mobilizing all of its resources to respond as quick as possible to its clients needs.


Through our extensive NBS (Network Business System), our share resources and partners, Global Group has become the international platform for medical equipments (PPE, Test Kits, Masks, Gloves, Vaccines etc), connecting buyers to suppliers.


If you need any help or support in this matter please reach out : contact@globalgroup-llc.com

We are independent

See the big picture and get a complete diagnosis in order to create and get the optimal solution to your needs.

Greater efficiency

With our project management experience and the training  and expertise of our staff on the field.

Advantages of a wild ecosystem

Get access to a wild network with only one international interlocuteur, for the management, mainetance of your project : before, during and after.

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