Our Unique Journey

Global Group was founded in 2019, on the principles of reliability, shared values, and ethics. Our oldest enterprises, GA Political and Global Defense, were established by a high-ranking military officer who dedicated his career to working B2G. His vision was to develop groundbreaking products and services, originating in the world of security, and making them accessible and relevant to the civilian world at the best possible price.

Our innovative solutions, such as smart concrete technology, solar panels, and preditech, were all rooted in military applications. Today, we continue to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration across various industries.

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International Expert Task Force

Global Group has assembled a specialized task force of international experts for collective brainstorming and problem-solving.

Our team consists of professionals in the fields of precious metals, intelligence, energy (bio & fossil), fiscal engineering, construction, banking, finance systems, lobbying, PR, international trade (import-export, incoterms, logistics, land, sea, air...), military, scientific, and medical.

Their primary objective is to analyze, brainstorm, and deliver the most innovative, unique, and secure solutions to complex challenges faced by governments and large corporations.

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Bridging the Past and Future for a Balanced Trade

Global Group creates opportunities and value by connecting traditional economies with emerging ones. Our world trade platform is designed to facilitate international business for companies of all sizes. We offer legal advice, import-export assistance, competitive intelligence, and support in structuring your organization.

Our philosophy is "stronger together," which is why we created the Global Business System (GBS). With 80% of our workforce trained in telecommuting, we embrace cutting-edge, secure technologies to prepare for the world of tomorrow. Global Group is the partner of choice for governments and multinational corporations.

Global Business System™

Become a partner and use the GBS as a leverage to grow up exponentially. Join Global Group tribe !

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United Vision

Our mission is to foster cohesion around shared values and resources, promoting sustainable, responsible, and ethical business practices. By building international connections, we contribute to a more harmonious global community.

Innovation & Construction

Global Group is dedicated to constructing a new business model that continuously evolves, transforms, and revolutionizes. We innovate our products and services, striving for constant improvement to meet the needs of a changing world.

  • 50 employees

  • 100 freelancers

  • 700 partners

  • 1500 clients

Our Legacy

While Global Group is a for-profit company, our focus extends beyond revenue. In collaboration with our partners, we are committed to creating a lasting legacy for future generations.

"The pursuit of excellence in our work requires never settling for initial results. It guides us on the path of self-transcendence and pushes us to deliver more and better than expected."

Olivier Rajswing

Founder & Chairman

  • International Chamber of Commerce

    Our experts are consulting at ICC different international policy commissions (Customs and Trade Facilitation, Trade and Investment Policy, Banking, Commercial Law and Practice).

  • Dun & Bradstreet

    D‑U‑N‑S® Number: 117330123.

  • Forbes Business Council

    Global Group is a member of the Forbes Business Council, the foremost growth and networking organization for successful business owners and leaders worldwide.

  • US Chamber of Commerce


  • United Nations Partner


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