a unique history

Historically, GA Political and Global Defense are the oldest enterprises of the Group. The founder of Global Group is a former high-grade military officer that worked B2G all of his career. He had a dream : build a reliable business, based on a shared system of values and ethics.

The different companies of the Group, each in a different activity sector, developed new products or services, that all started somehow in the world of security. Our smartconcrete technology, our solar panels, our preditech... all started in the military. We made it relevant to the civil world, accessible to all, at the best price possible.

Special Unit of International Experts

Global Group has developed a special unit of international experts and collective brain-thinking.

The team is comprised of experts, engineers in the following sectors : precious metals, intelligence, energies (bio & fossils), fiscal engineering, construction, banking and finance system(s), lobbying and PR, international trade (import-export, incoterm, logistics, land, sea, air...), military, scientific and medical.

This unit has one goal : analyze, brainstorm, and provide with the most innovative, unique and secure solutions to complex problematics raised by governments or large corporations.

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Connect the world of tomorrow with the best of yesterday

Global Group creates opportunities and value. The Global Group creates wealth and high standing resources.
We're a world trade platform, created to facilitate international business for every kind of company, bring you legal advices, help you through import-export processes, competitive intelligence, your structure formation etc.
Our platform offers excellence, innovation, very high-standing services and products, with one logic: connecting two economies, the old and the new, for a more balanced and fair trade.

Our philosophy : stronger together. That's the reason why we created the Global Business System (GBS).

Global Group is one of the first company that had established home office as a way of living: 80% of our employees are trained on telecommuting platforms, to the most secured and rapid technologies on the market. We are ready for the transition and prepared for the world of tomorrow.

​Global Group is a partner of choices for governments and multinational corporations.

Global Business System™

Become a partner and use the GBS as a leverage to grow up exponentially. Join Global Group tribe !

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Connected Vision

Our first mission is to bring together and create cohesion around common values and shared resources. Together, we are stronger and our business model is sustainable and tends to appeasement of international relationships. Creating an international link is possible thanks to responsible and ethical business that we promote.

Innovation & Construction

Our goal is to contribute to building and erect a new model of business. Global Group is constantly changing, evolving, transforming, revolutionizing. We innovate our products and services, always seeking to improve ourselves in order to bring it to the world.

Our Heritage

Global Group is a for-profit company, but that's not its only goal. We envision that our creations and services are made for the world of tomorrow. Together with our partners, we are thinking of future generations. We wish to bequeath a legacy that will survive the founders of Global Group.

"The necessary meticulousness in our activity consists in never stopping at the first obtained results ! It shall guide us on the path of self-transcendence and encourage us to always deliver a little more and a little better than what was expected."

Olivier Rajswing

Founder & Chairman

  • International Chamber of Commerce

    Our experts are consulting at ICC different international policy commissions (Customs and Trade Facilitation, Trade and Investment Policy, Banking, Commercial Law and Practice).

  • Dun & Bradstreet

    D‑U‑N‑S® Number: 117330123.

  • Forbes Business Council

    Global Group is a member of the Forbes Business Council, the foremost growth and networking organization for successful business owners and leaders worldwide.

  • US Chamber of Commerce


  • United Nations Partner


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