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  • French Medical Expertise

    Recognized 🇫🇷 global excellence

  • High-Standard of Care

    Wherever you are, whenever you need

  • A Team of Experts

    Available in emergency and providing state-of-the-art medical service

  • A VIP and Complete Service

    Your medical luxury stay with special conciergerie services all-included.

  • Mastery of Damage Control

    in the event of a life-threatening emergency

  • More than 500 missions...

    Carried out on all types of situations and environments

Why chose Global Health ?

We're able to deploy in the most complex and difficult places in the world.

Our team will propose you a completely tailor made solution adapted to the environment, the medical needs and your budget.

Global Group with GA Political, Global Defense, Global Airjet can also provide with the security needs of the operation and the necessary planes and medical fleet for extraction or repatriation.


Conciergerie in the Riviera

Our medical conciergerie offers our client a priviliged setting for personalized and professional care.

  • Your medical stay from A to Z
  • Our patients are cared for in a
    network of partner clinics
  • Guarantee of excellence and


Geographical area: quality of the offer health and medical, potential delays, security risks...

Sector of activity: petroleum risk
chemical, NGO in isolated situation, need for discretion, VIP...

Specific Medical need: number of people to be supported, emergency care on short missions, access to all medical specialities


Reknown experts for your health

  • Predefined or à-la-carte check-ups
  • Specialized advice
  • Medical or surgical treatment

VIP Medical Stay includes...

  • Luxury hotels, prestigious residences
  • Commercial and private flights
  • Private transfers
  • Gourmet restaurants
  • Yachts, prestigious cars...

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