Being over Having.

The biggest mistake is to think "When I'll have that I will be happy". Running after money. Running after "having it". Running, Running. After what really ? 

Stop. Take a break. Are you happy really ?

Lifestyle and happiness are all about you chose to live your life, and for what purpose.

With Global Lifestyle - you'll be able to look back in the different areas of your life, and say "These are things I've achieved since then".

But not only. The most crucial point is actually: what is my contribution, what will I leave to the world ?

A question you can only answer by yourself.

Global Lifestyle will accompany you in the process.

What we do

We take care of designing and arranging your tailor-made trips, giving you total peace of mind.

From travel arrangements to helicopter transfers, renting a luxury villa on a private island... We also take care of your travel arrangements worldwide.

Do you need a private jet, a yacht or a luxury car ? We know that your time is precious and our concierges will ensure you arrive at your destination in the best conditions.

Whatever your getaway plans, or your fast, discrete and care-free travel needs, our concierges and partners are available to find the perfect solution for you.

Why chose a pack ?

Make sure to get a customized service, and someone always available for all of your special requests.

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  • #1 VIP Flyer

    Regular price €350,00 EUR
    Regular price Sale price €350,00 EUR
    VIP Flyer
  • #2 Executive Traveler

    Regular price €1.200,00 EUR
    Regular price Sale price €1.200,00 EUR
    Executive Traveler
  • #3 Premium Couple

    Regular price €2.400,00 EUR
    Regular price Sale price €2.400,00 EUR
    Premium Couple
  • #4 We are Family

    Regular price €6.000,00 EUR
    Regular price Sale price €6.000,00 EUR
    We Family
  • #5 Deluxe Edition

    Regular price €10.800,00 EUR
    Regular price Sale price €10.800,00 EUR
    Deluxe Edition
  • Very Special Research and Sourcing Package

    Regular price €30.000,00 EUR
    Regular price Sale price €30.000,00 EUR
    Very Special Research and Sourcing Package

Your time is precious !

Whether you’re flying domestic or international, we can arrange all your transportation needs at a fraction of the regular cost, and with all the advantages you deserve : upgrades, more luggages, VIP lounge, security... just ask !

Same for hotels: you deserve peace and comfort, with all the advantages that it implies (vouchers, spa, restaurant...)

When desires come true

Our services are customized and designed to respond exactly to our customer's needs and requests.

You need it ? Just name it.

Global Group offers you a panel of products and services in the sector of travel, lifestyle, luxury, security and works in synergy with various companies of the Group to offer you the best of expertise.

Travel engineering: we are magicians !

We help you find ways to maximize your travel experience with a unique savoir-faire and experience. Our clients are 100% satisfied, because your time is precious and more valuable than money but... would you say no to saving more and earn exclusive access to VIP services for less ?

This is a service you won't find anywhere else. This a service your regular travel agent will never tell you about, because he does not know about it.

This is real engineering. We are not a travel agent... we are engineers.

Safety & Security

Your partner for security. We can organize complex operations to make sure your business event is safe or for your personal need. Just ask for it.


Want to know more ? Talk to us !

How to manage your subscription ?

Once you log into Global Group and go to your Account page, you'll see an interface where you'll be able to manage your subscriptions, you should click on ‘Manage Subscriptions’. You'll will be redirected to the subscriptions’ pages, where you can: edit the frequency of the subscription, update payment information, or cancel the subscription. In case of question, please contact us at