Our Team of Experts

All around the world - our experts are here to serve you in different fields and activities sectors. Whether it is security, finance, real estate, construction, energy... Get your special expertise.

  • Olivier RAJSWING

    Founder and Chairman of Global Group

    CYBERHUMINT Expert & Middle East

  • Auriane COGAN

    CEO of Global Group

    Expert on International Governmental Affairs & Communication

  • Etienne LORANT

    CEO - Global Yacht

    Maritime & Yachting Expert

  • Guillaume SCHAER

    CEO - Global Airjet

    Travel Engineering & Aviation expert

  • Didier LEJONGARD

    CEO - Global Reality

  • Natacha ARIMOND

    CEO - Global Lifestyle


    CEO - Global Bankchain

    Lawyer and Tax Engineer specialized on Real Estate

  • Ruslan GARILOV

    Head of Logistics

    Expert on Russian Affairs

  • Dr Frédéric POIGNON

    Head of Pharma'Trade

  • David HERY

    Director GGAG (Antilles-Guyane)

  • Danielle KOUOMBI

    Artistic Director & Fashion Designer

  • Nafeesah KHODADEEN

    Head of Design - Global Reality

    Architecture & Infrastructures Expert

  • Paul KUNT

    Cryptoworld & Fintech Solutions

  • Vikram MISHRA

    Technology Expert, AI and Data Analytics

  • Fabrice ARIMOND

    Head of Constructions - Global Reality

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