Critical for every yacht, private jet, business events or private event - whether private or commercial, we at Global Lifestyle  consider safety, security and efficiency to be at the core of our business and an intrinsic part of management. Working closely with GA Political and Global Defense in order to define the best security assistance and techs, Global Lifestyle is the only lifestyle management company in the world offering you such a level of safety.

Emergency response including medical support

VIP Close Protection

Basic Trainings

Audit of your place / yacht / jet / villa / office

Cyber security (servers, computers, phones etc)

Simplified Safety Management System

Passenger ship certification

Planned maintenance programmes

Ship Security Plans

ISM & ISPS familiarisation, training and drills

Onboard safety audits and risk assessments

Certification and documentation management system

DPA and CSO service

DoC for all major flag states

Regular updates on new legislation

Guidance on local cruising regulations

Surveillance cameras & drones on demand

Security guard and expert team on board on demand


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